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Leighton for Nelly

By Lovelybylucy @lovelybylucy


Fashion advice. We take it from friends, magazines, bloggers, and I think most of all we take it from the people we admire in one way or the other. Now I’m a big Gossip Girl fan, so when I heard that Nelly is celebrating 10 years of fashion on this year and is doing that by collaborating with Leighton Meester – I was really curious to see her picks from Nelly. There’s something about that gorgeous girl that makes her favorites so much more interesting, just because she picked it. It’s an interesting mechanism, how we want to have what certain people have, how we want to be like others and try to achieve that a little bit by getting what they have. I’m not going to get all analytic here though, I just caught myself all enthusiastic about this collab just because it’s Leighton. Does it really matter? I don’t think so. I’m wearing some of her favorites in the pictures above and I can sure get why she wanted to wear these faux leather dungarees, they’re so good! See the behind the scenes pictures from Leighton and Nelly here and find the entire Leighton collection – including the dress, dungarees and shoes I’m wearing here. Too bad everything looks better on Leighton ;) Happy Thursday!

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