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Lego Simpsons Controversy is the Dumbest Controversy Ever

Posted on the 06 August 2013 by House Of Geekery @houseofgeekery

Sometimes as we browse our beloved internet we run into a group of people who have their priorities so misplaced they only show up on the Apple Maps App. Like the John Carter Sequel campaigners who flooded the site when we gave John Carter a mediocre review. A similar pack of lunatics are currently fluttering around petitions trying to get LEGO to cancel their newly announced The Simpsons sets aren’t ‘family friendly’ enough.

Lego idiots

Pictured: idiots.

Sorry to burst your sad little bubbles but that boat sailed a loooong time ago. Not that I’m condemning these sets. I own most of them. But they prove that Lego isn’t about being family friendly.

Ten examples…

#10 – Lego Evil Kenevil

Lego Daredevil

Ok, this one isn’t that bad. But I include it because even The Simpsons did an episode about an Evil Kenevil type being a terrible influence.

#9 – Lego Wolverine

Lego Wolverine

Sure Wolverine is a favorite comic book character for young and old. But he is the best at what he does, and what he does is this:


#8 – Lego Tony Stark

Lego Iron Man

Considering Tony Stark can drink Homer under the table and gets around more than Duffman he may be less appropriate for kids than The Simpsons.

Iron Man drunk

#7 – Lego Monsters

Lego Monsters

Ghosts, vampires, ghouls, zombies, reassembled corpses and werewolves – but no to Bart because (and this is from the petition) he says ‘eat my shorts’ and that’s not appropriate.

#6 – Lego Ninjas

Lego Ninjago Dojo

They have spinning bases to make them hit each other with swords, and this dojo set features spinning blades and dropping axe booby traps!

#5 – Lego Deadpool

Deadpool Lego

Speaking of ninjas, here is the most crass ninja of them all! Violent and insane, Deadpool is pretty far from child suitable.

#4 – Lego Zombie

Lego Zombie

This one is part of the first season of Lego Minifigs. He eats human flesh.

#3 – Lego Paris Hilton

Lego Paris Hilton

Ok, so it’s technically listed as ‘Trendsetter’ but let’s call a spade a spade. In the same way that the ‘Thespian’ wearing Elizabethan clothes and holding a skull is Shakespeare and the ‘Grandma Visitor’ wearing the red hood is Red Riding Hood, this is Paris Hilton. And I consider Lisa Simpson a better role model.

#2 – Lego Mouth of Sauron

Lego Mouth of Sauron

So let’s take the freakiest mutha in the entire Lord of the Rings movies and turn him into a kids toy. Was there even any demand for this? He was only in the Extended Edition version! Mind you, it is pretty rad…

#1 – Lego Batman Villains

Batman Villain Lego

Let’s do the head count here…one guy with half his face burned away with acid, a woman in a skin tight leather suit, an evil scarecrow with a syringe full of a home made fear drug, a psychotic gangster with a bird fetish, a seductress who poisons people with kisses and two homicidal clowns. Just those last two should’ve been setting off alarm bells.

Mad Love comics

Plus there’s the sets based specifically off the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy.

Dark Knight Rises

He’s Legolands reckoning.

AND there’s the very awesome Arkham Asylum set. Lock those evil psychopaths up in a gothic nightmare!

Lego Arkham

Where the Joker gets the Hannibal Lector treatment.

Lego Joker
Let’s make a final point here and move on. If you getting in a bunch because you think The Simpsons is going to make Lego inappropriate for children then you are all of the misguided. If you personally have a problem with it then don’t buy it. Leave your sad little petition to be forgotten about and worry about setting a good example for your children instead of restricting what everyone else has. Lego The Simpsons won’t harm your children but your negativity just might.

And most important, leave it alone because I want Lego Lenny and Carl.

Lenny and Carl

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