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Lego Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube in Five Seconds!

By Boxmash
cubestormer 3

Have you ever tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube? They’re quite tricky, and take a while to figure out. They’re not a problem for the Cubestormer 3 though, which is going to try and solve a cube in less than 5.2 seconds to beat a world record!

The Cubestormer 3 is the third version of the robot, built by David Gilday and Mike Dobson, and is powered by a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone! It uses the camera on the phone to look at the coloured surface of the Rubik’s Cube, and then figure out what turns it needs to make to get all sides the same color.

David and Mike’s amazing robot is built from Lego Technic pieces, and the phone’s processor controls the arms to turn the Cube. The World Record attempt takes place in Birmingham at the Big Bang Fair on Sunday 16th March. In the practice runs, the Cubestormer 3 has already beaten the record by two whole seconds, so it looks like it will be smashing that 5.2second record.

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