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LEGO Movie Gets a Second TV Trailer

By Boxmash

The LEGO Movie will soon be here, and the closer the release date gets, the more we get to see of the film. In this new TV trailer, we get to see some more of the LEGO universes finest heroes – Batman and Superman – do their thing. They won’t be upstaged by the real hero of the film though: ordinary minifig Emmett!

If you don’t know anything about the LEGO Movie, it’s the story of Emmett. He’s a normal minifig, but one day gets mistaken for the Master Builder by a group of rebels who try to convince him to help them defeat the evil Lord Business.

To watch all the LEGO Movie trailers so far, just take a look out our LEGO Movie page, where you can see the two big trailers and another short TV advert. And if you’re really prepared now to watch the LEGO Movie, you don’t have to wait much longer: it’s released on February 7th!

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