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Lego Marvel Avengers: Code Red

Posted on the 26 November 2023 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

Where I Watched It: Disney Plus

English Audio Description?: Yes

I don’t normally watch these Lego things, except the feature movies, but there was something that drew me into this short film, and I’m glad I watched it. I am. genuinely.

there’s a humor here that works, even if the voice cast is mostly just trying to sound like the people before them. It’s such an odd lineup, because black Widow is pretty front and center here, as is her father Red Guardian. In fact, it is the kidnapping of Red Guardian that sets the Avengers on their quest. In the meantime, Natasha has to decide if her father is an Avenger or not, which is an oddly necessary plot point later on.

The Collector is trying to collect all the red superheroes. So, he already has Red Skull, omega Red, and someone called Red Ghost? The Avengers have to stop him from collecting more, and also free their friend. The roster is bonkers, featuring iron Man, Hulk, both the original Cap and Falcon in Captain America gear, Black Panther, and for a reason too silly, Wolverine. They draft Wolverine because he’s good at tracking things. very true. but, they act like his ability is so strong he can literally smell someone across the galaxy. that’s a bit much. And, also, not his mutant ability.

And to top off this cavalcade of absurdity, you will eventually see the Avengers team up with Santa while he rides on a dragon. I feel like you now know whether this is for you. Some of the references are deep cuts into the marvel lore, which I loved, and the story isn’t bad, but it takes the job of being silly almost too far sometimes, and it loses me.

The audio description here is challenged most when trying to differentiate between the two Captain America’s. it leans almost entirely on calling them the same thing, instead of Steve and Sam, which would make more sense. I know they wanted to include Sam here, to get people used to the idea of seeing a black Captain America, and I’m not even sure we needed Steve Roger’s. but, with Tony Stark and Natasha hanging around, it’s hard to find a legit reason to leave him out.

No Spider-Man here. But, we do get a She Hulk. So, the roster is expanding. It is under an hour, and the closest thing we might get to an Avengers Christmas Special ever. Take what you can get.

Final Grade: B

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