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LEGO Elves is Ripe for a LEGO Dimensions Level Pack

By Boxmash
LEGO Elves

With LEGO Dimensions confirmed attention online has turned to which franchises will be included.

Polygon have a comprehensive list of which of the existing LEGO sets they think will be included and the likes of Scooby Doo and Ghostbusters in LEGO video-game form is certainly a mouth watering idea. However they missed out a key upcoming set that is a perfect fit: LEGO Elves.

While the original LEGO Friends sets may be a little pink to fit well in the game, and the Disney Princess Friends sets conflict with Disney Infinity in the toys to life space, LEGO Elves takes the Friends figures in a distinctly video-game direction.

“Join Emily Jones on her unexpected journey through a mysterious portal in her grandmother’s garden, to the magical world of the Elves, and help her on her quest to get home again. Emily will need the help of her four Elvish friends to find the four keys to open the portal that will take her back home.”

As highlighted in the marketing here, it includes its own portal in LEGO form that looks a lot like the Toy Pad in LEGO Dimensions. Each Elves set also comes with an element key that needs to be used to unlock the portal and get Emily home. All sounding a bit Skylanders.

While this is conjecture, if it is true it would be a nice way to broaden the appeal of Dimensions to a wider demographic. Getting hands-on with the physical Lego Elves sets at the New York Toy Fair I was impressed with how they looked and asked Soren Laursen about the potential video-game cross over.

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