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Lego Dimensions Trailer Adds Doc Brown to the Line-up

By Boxmash
Doc Brown in Lego Dimensions

This new trailer for Lego Dimensions not only adds Doc Brown to the playable character line-up but stars Christopher Lloyd himself.

Along with a host of new game-play footage and new characters for both DC Comics and Ninjago we get a close up look at the second pack for Back to the Future. This includes Doc Brown, as we said, but alongside him a rather nice miniature Lego-ized version of the time traveling Loco.

There’s still no firm news on when we we see Portal, Doctor Who, Jurassic World and The Simpsons confirmed, but already the line-up for the game is getting very long. The different game-play options here make the mind boggle. Time traveling and portal warp-gates is enough to break anyone’s space-time-continuum.

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