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Lebbeus Woods: Architect at SFMoMA

By Dwell @dwell
Architect and artist Lebbeus Woods died late last year, leaving behind him a legacy of very few buildings, but a new vision of what architecture can and should be. His illustrations and sculptures, though they evoke a kind of post-apocalyptic fantasy land, were grounded in the kinds of upheaval (seismic, cultural, bellicose) that we experience every day. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has been an avid collector of Woods's work since the 1990s, and this week it mounted the show Lebbeus Woods Architect to celebrate the career of an architect and teacher who truly challenged not just what it is that we should build, but what it means to be an architect all together. Click through our slideshow to see Woods's strange world of the unbuilt. Slideshow Einstein Tomb by Lebbeus Woods

Lebbeus Woods, Einstein Tomb, 1980; aluminum; Courtesy Aleksandra Wagner; © Estate of Lebbeus Woods

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