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Leather Dress & Bejeweled Collars

By A Mused Blog @Amusedblog
Leather Dress & Bejeweled CollarsI don't always apply makeup in brick lined alleyways, but on the occasion that I do, I'm happy to dress for the photo-opp.
Leather Dress & Bejeweled CollarsLeather Dress & Bejeweled CollarsLeather Dress & Bejeweled CollarsLeather Dress & Bejeweled Collars

Leather Dress & Bejeweled Collars

Leather Dress: Deliah's Collection // Embellished collar blouse: Forever 21 // handbag: vintage Coach // heels: Lands End

On my first day wearing these heels, I wore them for nearly 8 hours! Amazing - they were so comfortable I didn't even take notice.
Early last year I banned myself from Forever 21 - I had developed a habit of using the store as a quick fix for my shopping impulses, and found it to be no  more satisfying than junk food: it felt good in the moment, but within a couple hours I would be hungry all over again. This blouse was the exception. I have been looking for blouses with unique collars because I want to be able to layer under tops and dresses and have the collar make a statement. I love this blouse! Imagine my pleasnt surprise when I found it in a beautiful mint color as well (that one turned out to be an "exception" as well). 
Also, I think I pulled off a head-to-toe leather look quite well, wouldn't you say? I was afraid it would be a little over kill, but the purse in a different color helps to break things up.
I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

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