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Learning Torah Takes No Vacations

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
There are a lot of ways people can get inspired or inspire others. Regarding Torah learning, it usually involves seeing unusual dedication to the cause. Here is a story, firsthand, that just happened, that I think is more inspiring than many of the standard-fare stories of yeshiva guys learning through the night or early mornings or x hours per day...
Here goes.
a bunch of guys work all day long, each in his own job, on his schedule. some longer hours, some shorter hours. Some work in more physical labor type jobs, some sit at a desk and do what they do. Every single day, with no breaks - no bein hazmanim at all, just about 365 days a year (or 354 on the Hebrew calendar), these guys get together to learn. They have finished Shas together, finished Shulchan Aruch together. Tremendous dedication over a long time, to learn at night, just for an hour to an hour and a half, after an exhausting day. day in, day out. no breaks. Literally. While all other shiurim take vacations, this shiur does not. While other rabbonim go away for x amount of time and put the shiur on hold, this shiur does not - if the maggid shiur has to go away, a substitute is found.
the shiur is now undergoing some changes. Some major topics were just finished, and a new major project is going to be taken on by the shiur. To plan it properly, the maggid shiur decided to take some time off, just a couple of weeks. The shiur, for the first time in about 15 years, would go on a short vacation, in order to plan the next stage properly.
Before the vacation even began, these exhausted middle-aged men, who should have been excited to get a little time off, time that could be spent with family, going out at night with the wife, doing other things, checking out another shiur or a speaker on an interesting topic, or just resting, approached someone and said they would like him to fill in and give shiur, on whatever topic, during the break. They did not want the vacation. So, they got someone to agree to give  shiur, and these exhausted men who set a daily time to learn, are continuing their regular learning schedule instead of taking advantage of a small amount of justifiable time off.
I know all the relevant parties, and I attest to the veracity of this story.
That's a story that can inspire!.
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