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Learning Methods to Start Learning Russian Language

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Learn Russian at Language Schools and gain knowledge on the programs offered conferring a broad overview about Russian civilization, cultural traditions and political life in the current challenges of globalization. The Russian language is an unofficial but it is widely spoken in quite a few countries that were previously constituent republics such as Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Turkmenistan.

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To be savvy in Russian language there are fundamental learning methods to follow optionally for you to learn faster. A smatter level of the language usually knew words just about 1,500. In order to become skilled at Russian language, you have to at least know 15,000 words; however, it will take an enduring perseverance to learn loads of words but you all have the chance to make it with these general guiding principles:

  1. Write down all the new Russian words you want to remember.
  2. Start to compose sentences using the new words you noted down.
  3. Initially prefer those words that are widely-used in the word list that can be found in 25,000 containing word dictionary.
  4. Word pairs to learn are helpful to develop your vocabulary. Word examples are ‘a problem’ together with ‘to overcome’, or ‘clothing’ together with ‘to wear’, and more.
  5. Review the words you already learned in accordance with the right diagram instead of a daily basis.
  6. Look for further tips to help you via internet where you may able to know some methods of learning for Russian new words.

How about collaborating language learning and your creative ways? For example, create you own style with a method that is based on colorful and bright pictures to move in your mind. Try to find words from your national language that would similarly sound to the Russian word you like to learn and translate it.

The process of remembering a word utilizing a recalling picture in a well-known word you know and the new word you wish to know can’t just be that to forget. Otherwise, seek for Russian language schools and find the one that is capable to cater your needs.

Russian greetings to add to your learning:

Доброе утро – Good morning

Добрый вечер – Good evening

Как поживаете? – How are you?

Спасибо, хорошо – Fine, thank you

Как обычно – As usual

Что нового? – What’s new?

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