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Learning is Change – Change is Learning

Posted on the 26 October 2011 by Combi31 @combi31

Learning is Change – Change is Learning

Adult Learning research has discovered a law called « The law of 3 +/- 2 »

Which states that when we are in a normal state of awareness we are able to effectively remember 3 new things.  When we are in Down-Time or tired or lack interest in the topic, we can remember  ‘3 – 2 = 1’ new things effectively and when we are engaged, interested and motivated during Prime Time we can effectively remember ‘3 + 2 = 5’ new things effectively.

There are obviously some exceptions to this law and if you can remember and effectively use more then that is just fantastic !

The brain acts like a muscle – it needs to be exercised – do memory technique activities to keep your memory in  tip-top form.

Teaching tells us that we need to learn long lists of regular and irregular verbs, grammar rules, lists of vocabulary, dates, names etc., taught and « learnt » out of context or applied to no particular context at all.

If you have used these techniques during the last 3, 5, 7, 11 or more years of learning in the past – is it perhaps high time for a change ?

We challenge these techniques as being archaic and lacking efficacity and we suggest other more holistic methods to proceed with your learning.

Are you ready and willing to embrace change ?

Are you ready to experiment and experience new ways that will challenge your ideas ?

We hope that the answer to these questions is a resounding YES ! However, if you are sceptical and are already asking yourself questions then that is already a good start on the road to change – as long as the questions are not just about the act of CHANGE itself !

The more we are involved and implicated in our own learning, the more we ask questions and we ask ourselves questions the more we cultivate the desire to understand.

We get less bored and confused.

When we have the desire to learn, the memory becomes more effective.

Desire pushes us to reach our goals and objectives.

Sometimes we prefer to await external input rather than making the effort ourselves – you will wait a very long time for change to have an impact if you don’t act yourself.

Be responsible for your own learning – you will reap the rewards 10 fold !

What will success in my learning enable me to do tomorrow

What will failure in my learning stop me doing tomorrow ?

When am I going to act positively on my learning ?

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Learning is Change – Change is Learning
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