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Learning Arabic Language is a Requirement Among Texas Students

By Tlb

Are you familiar with Glenn Beck? Well, if you do, you are probably familiar with his “Beck Quote of the Day” video coverage in Fox news. If you are otherwise, you can check who he is and care to see the video provided below. His topic is about “Texas Students Required to Learn Arabic Language?” Let’s watch this.

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Let’s reiterate what Mr. Beck was trying to convey. There were two schools in Texas that require middle school students to learn Arabic language. Parents who enrolled their children in these schools were shocked since the students were required to learn this foreign language.

Taking Mr. Beck’s cynical respond towards this issue, he himself was amazed how Arabic culture becomes a mandatory to learn among Texas—a place in United States. As far as I know, Americans are not used to get mandated especially on things or obligations that aren’t particularly necessary.

Well, looking at the reasons why Arabic language becomes a mandate in Texas middle schools, let’s also consider their belief that Arabic language is the language of the future. This isn’t new to me since there are various articles posted in the internet that Arabic language is the language of the future.

Quoting French President Nicolas Sarkozy statement, we must invest in the Arabic language (because) to teach it symbolizes a moment of exchange, of openness and of tolerance, (and it) brings with it one of the oldest and most prestigious civilizations of the world. It is in France that we have the greatest number of persons of Arabic and Muslim origin. Islam is the second religion of France”. He said this because he believes that Arabic language is the language of future, science, and modernity. It also expressed the hope that “more French people share in the language that expresses great civilization and spiritual values.”

Despite the fact that Arabic is in this kind of status among the field of languages, do you actually think that it justifiable to make it mandatory to learn? I personally don’t see any problem of choosing to learn Arabic language, but it is certainly another issue when it becomes obligatory to learn it.

What’s your stand? Feel free to write your point of view.

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