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Learning a Second Language Makes Your Brain Stronger

By Tlb

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Learning a foreign language has lots of advantages. We’ve read it in various articles and science has really proved how it has become essential especially in health improvements. This time, we will be tackling the importance of learning languages based on the article I found.

According to Brian Fisher whose article was posted on June 2 this year, “Learning languages makes your brain stronger; learning more than one language is nothing but good.” This statement was taken in basis by a Cognitive neuroscientist in the person of Dr. Ellen Bialystok, whom such studies were detailed by the New York Times.

“There’s a system in your brain, the executive control system. It’s a general manager. Its job is to keep you focused on what is relevant, while ignoring distractions. It’s what makes it possible for you to hold two different things in your mind at one time and switch between them,” responded by Dr. Bialstok.

“If you have two languages and you use them regularly, the way the brain’s networks work is that every time you speak, both languages pop up and the executive control system have to sort through everything and attend to what’s relevant in the moment. Therefore the bilinguals use that system more, and it’s that regular use that makes that system more efficient.”

See how incredible language learning is? And of course, the recent discovery of overcoming Alzheimer’s disease by learning foreign languages was also a breakthrough. It was a great motivation for people to learn foreign languages because they know it is not just an advantage for personal and professional aspects, but it’s also a good investment on avoiding latter diseases like the Alzheimer’s.

So as young as you are right now, you are greatly encouraged to learn a second language. You can take your foreign language courses of your choice and enjoy the benefits of learning languages.

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