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Learn to Enjoy Your Saturday Grocery Shopping

By Superinspire @nenadciric


In life the perception of all events and circumstances depends on our point of view and how we chose to see the world around us. Even the simple rituals can be experienced in so many different ways. For example: How do you feel about the traditional Saturday grocery shopping?

We all need to exchange our money for food a few times a month of more often. Many people see it as a banal activity, but do we consider the fact that what we put in our refrigerates during the week will determine our health and energy flow. For me getting groceries on Saturday or any other day was a real drag. Going to a huge supermarket, looking for best prices while trying to avoid hundreds of nervous people. Last year I decided to pay more attention to the quality of food I was eating so I chose to shop mostly at a local organic food store.

It does cost a bit more, but you also get a better quality, a more peaceful environment and a completely different shopping experience. In fact my every stop at the local store gives me an opportunity to learn more about nutrition, to discover new products and ingredients I knew nothing about, look them up on google and discover their benefits and cooking tips.

So if you see it as a learning process, as an investment in your future, you will surely feel more motivated and curios to discover new simple things that make life complete. Enjoy your Saturday shopping!

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