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Learn Spanish Languages with Restaurant Menu

By Tlb

How great it would be to learn Spanish at language schools right in Spain. Since holidaying typically happens once in a blue moon, it’s always excellent to create the best experience out of all time you can comprise for a break. Many international learners select Spain to be their language learning spot because the Spanish ambiance seems so shaping to experience a simple yet fascinating educational destination.

Tortilla, croquetas y caña

Tortilla time at Julio (Photo credit: By Eduardo, via Wikipedia)

When you endeavor to integrate your learning during your holiday can be a great decision and chance for you to relax, learn, and enjoy a grand time while you ascertain more about your learning Spanish through self-expression. Seeing that you are in the native country to learn Spanish language, the chance to improve your learning on the language that you ever wished to become fluent is closer to accomplishment.

In Spain, you are free to edify with the culture and know about the historical customs that have longed exist, whilst enjoying the mouth-watering cuisine made especially with Mediterranean styles. Enjoy the delicacy in the restaurant’s menu with these few translations of the name of Spanish foods to English to help unruffled your uptightness as you order from a menu in a Spanish language:


Apple -  Manzana

Banana – Plátano

Beef – Ternera

Beer – Cerveza

Bread – Pan

Butter – Mantequilla

Cheese – Queso

Chicken – Pollo

Chop – Chuleta

Cream – Nata

Meat- Carne

Milk – Leche

Eggs – Huevos

Fish – Pescado

Grapes – Uvas

Ham – Jamon

Ice Cream – Helado

Lamb- Cordero

Lettuce – Lechuga

Omelette – Tortilla

Pork – Cerdo

Prawns – Gambas

Rice – Arroz

Sandwich – Bocadillo

Sausages – Salchichas

Squid – Calamares

Strawberries – Fresas

Vegetable – Legumbre


With this vocabulary translated in English will for sure help you learn Spanish language easier, and can make you confident speaking with native Spanish speakers in Spain like during in the restaurant interaction.


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