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Learn Languages Confer Ultimate Factor to Aspirant

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To study English abroad and Arabic language confer ultimate factor to one’s who study for it. Bilingual people have further chance to get the position of employment he wants overseas if this talent possessed. Of course, in employers’ extent, this is a supplementary reputation if the candidate’s fancy location is somewhere in the middle-east or in English speaking countries; wherein his ability could probably perk up his application reference than to his peers.

To learn Arabic language particularly even if one’s learning capacity have only reached the basic level, this is at least a plus point compare to those who barely have a bit or no knowledge. Imagine to go abroad but you have no clear know-how to communicate to the citizens there, isn’t it upsetting?

See basic Arabic words below in English, a handy set of words usable for travel:


Hello! – marHaba!

Good morning! – SabaaH al- khayr!

Good evening –  masaa’ al- khayr!

How are you? – kayfa Haaluka?

Very well. – jayyid jiddan.

What’s your name? – ma ’ismuk?

Where do you live? – ’ayna taqTun?/’ayna taxiish?

It’s nice to meet you. – saxiidun bi liqaa’ika.

See you soon – ’araaka qariiban.

I had a wonderful time – laqad ’amDaytu waqtan jamiilan.

Days of the week:

Sunday – al sabat

Monday – al ithnain

Tuesday – al thalatha

Wednesday -  al arba

Thursday – al khamees

Friday – al juma

Saturday – al sabat

Studying for a language course has copious of resources to help you understand and learn Arabic language better. Arabic schools offers unique quality experience to students that is virtually unmatchable anywhere on the globe.

To make a certain pick, seek for a school that is more than classrooms and textbooks, where the academic setting could characterize your Arabic learning experience. If you decide to study in foreign country, the worth of experience cannot be matched in terms of credit hours and semesters.

Operating under the standard occurs best when the instruction of language delivery will be highlighted full immersion. See to yourself that you able to meet the program goals to learn Arabic language or English, or any other foreign languages when it comes to integrating writing, reading, listening, and communicating with strategies, in favor of using the aimed language.

For all the effort, the final result could perhaps let you demonstrate greater competence of communication, lengthened your capabilities in learning how to settle in language skills for all-time learning, and broader understanding of how to fit into place in the socio-cultural and historical milieu of the target language.

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