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Learn How To Make A Tweetstorm For The First Time On Twitter

By Lisa @Lisapatb

How To Make A Tweetstorm On Twitter

Learn How To Make A Tweetstorm For The First Time On TwitterTwitter is reportedly experimenting to make it easier now to do a Tweetstorm directly from its own Twitter app.

They are now introducing tweetstorms out to its users. It is NOT yet available to all users as I tried it out this morning on my Android. 🙁

There have been many different apps (like Little Pork Chop) that would help users to create their own tweetstorms before but never directly from Twitter itself. Read on to learn how to make a tweetstorm today!

What Is a Tweetstorm?

Tweetstorms are a series of tweets from one person that starts with a number and a slash. It helps users to tweet tweets that are over the 140 character count. These series of tweets can make up a story or get a point across on Twitter by a single user.

According to Merrim Webster a tweetstorm began with:

As early as 2008 (a mere two years after Twitter's inception), tweetstorm referred to a general flurry of Twitter activity about a particular matter, often with a unifying hashtag."

Are Tweetstorms Spammy?

Some people think that tweetstorms are spammy so you have to be careful how and when you use them. Others suggest that users should blog instead of using Twitter to get that much out of a tweet. They often say: "Blog and then tweet it! Don't use our precious Twitter stream to do a tweetstorm rant."

But there are several ways to make a good tweetstorm when necessary to get across a longer message via Twitter. If you were to do use them all the time they would surely appear spammy but every once in a while they could become a very good feature to have.

How To Make A Tweetstorm Today

Twitter is apparently testing out a "Tweetstorm" feature update to allow more than the 140 character limit!

With this possible roll out (Twitter has not yet to confirm it) Twitter will let you composed the entire long tweet first and then you could hit tweet and it would separate them for you. You would not have to tweet each one with #/ in quick succession. You could think clearer as you do one tweet and then Twitter would break them up for you in a tweetstorm.

Twitter is apparently testing out a 'Tweetstorm' feature update to allow more than the 140 character limit! Click To Tweet

Ironically Twitter has allowed longer tweets for about a year now. They have allowed you to tweet with @username, images and polls without them counting for the 140 characters that Twitter has been known for. But with tweetstorms you can really go on and on.

Learn How To Make A Tweetstorm For The First Time On TwitterGood tweetstorms tend to be about real life experiences. They are great to start a conversation. Funny ones tend to get a lot of attention too. If you want to try to make a tweetstorm get creative about a life experience. Tweetstorms can tell good stories. You know how people love a good story on social media, right?

Good tweetstorms tend to be about real life experiences. Click To Tweet

Examples of Tweetstorms

Here are some examples I found of tweetstorms recently on Twitter.

WOAH! Twitter has a hidden tweet storm feature!

h/t Devesh Logendran

- Matt Navarra ⭐️ (@MattNavarra) September 10, 2017

And they'll just keep retweeting it forever just because... (9565/?)

- Lamb Chops Song (@LambChopsSong) September 13, 2017

Learn How To Make A Tweetstorm For The First Time On Twitter overthrow Muhd Shah, he could not have. Till Shahu died in 1749, the Mughal king was safe, as was the Nizam. In 1752, the Marathas..

- Uday S Kulkarni (@MulaMutha) September 13, 2017

Will Tweetstorms Become The Norm?

Social Media Today does not believe Tweetstorms will become available to all. They claim we will never see this new feature become available. They believe Twitter is more concerned about getting features to increase their own new user base. Twitter has yet to comment on this new feature being developed for Android users.

Now that everyone is talking about tweetstorms and you know how to make a tweetstorm I think they may appear more even the old fashion way.

What Others Are Saying About Tweetstorms

Still blown away-several times a day, to be honest-that everybody gave up blogging to write tweetstorms.

- Geoff Manaugh (@bldgblog) September 4, 2017

A tweetstorm by @naval that is a simple, excellent explanation of #blockchain networks & why we will all eventually be using them. #bitcoin

- Reis Baron (@reisbaron) September 13, 2017

Maybe Alex means *beyond* twitter. i.e. I would never link to a tweetstorm in a client e-mail. Blog post is more tangible.

- Jonathan Algar (@jonathanalgar)

An Official Tweetstorm Feature Will Ruin Twitter Again via @lifehacker

- kwame70 (@kwame70) September 13, 2017

nathanalgar/status/907898972240478208″>September 13, 2017

A4: I like the fact that tweets are short, the #tweetstorm totally undermines the point of short-form social media. #Dislike #raganchat

- Shelby Whitzel (@swhitzel) September 12, 2017

Will YOU be using the new Tweetstorm feature coming soon? If it is not available will you do it the old fashion way now that you know how to make a tweetstorm?

I'd love to know your thoughts on making your tweetstorms in the comments below!

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