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Learn How to Burn Fat, Gain Muscle and Develop an Athletic Body

By Mia_patterson

There is no getting around the fact that diet and workout strategies are extremely important if you're going to get a have a body like a Hollywood A lister that will be envied and admired by both men and women alike. This article will really emphasize the training portion of a solid fitness model body workout routine, with tips on how to properly structure your workouts so your body will be able to both burn fat and gain muscle within the same routine.
Burn Fat Gain Muscle
Workout Basics: Why the High Rep/Light Weight Strategy Won't Help You Reach Your Goals
Many of us have been convinced that higher reps with lighter weights is what helps us obtain more muscle, nothing could be further from the truth. Unfortunately, it can appear that your muscles are getting bigger when in fact they really aren't. What happens is that the muscles will appear to be more toned in the gym when they are fully pumped, but afterward when the pump is gone, the tightness in the muscles disappears as well. You have to lift heavy weights to effectively maintain the great tone and ripped definition of your huge muscles.
Workout Basics: The Real Secret to Gaining Long-Term Muscle Tone is Lifting Heavy Weights
By the overloading the muscles, we accelerate the density, and therefore the quality, of muscle definition and improve our nervous system at the same time. You won't gain a lot of muscle while you are working to lose fat, however, you can make your muscles look more toned and defined if you use a workout approach that is more strength-minded. You should aim to lift approximately 5 sets or more of 3-5 reps with the heavier weights. Another great tip is to mix in what are known as "super sets", reps of exercises that work your opposing muscle groups, like the back and the chest. If you learn to go heavier on opposing muscle groups without reaching fatigue, you will also find that the added intensity in your workout will cause you to burn more fat when you exercise than before. My workouts take a heck of a lot less time this way. Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program by Craig Ballantyne outlines this kind of system. This program is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to burn fat and gain muscle.
High Intensity Interval Training is highly recommended for people that want a the most effective cardio workout.
If you want to burn fat as well as retain and build muscle at the same time, it is important to incorporate some high intensity intervals into your workout strategy, because cardio is the real key to success. No more agonizingly slow and repetitious cardio routines; you will be able to burn more fat in less time with this strategy of high intensity interval training. If you have never done interval training before, the best way to describe it is that you would do a period of really intense exercise and follow it by a period of easier exercise, then repeat the cycle for anywhere between 20-30 minutes. There are a lot of options on how to accomplish this, but the best way to do it effectively is by using either a treadmill or a stationary bike. If you do interval training directly after the weight lifting portion of your workout, you will see better results.
For an example of the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT you should look at the workout routine of a sprinter. Anyone can get an amazing ripped-looking body with a low percentage of body fat and strong, toned muscles just by following a HIIT workout program.
A program with powerful cardio and even an elementary strength training regimen will help you burn fat gain muscle, develop strength and increase your power. An athlete's body is yours when you workout like an athlete.

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