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Learn How Smartphones Now Cater to Children {Infographic}

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

What is a good age for children to own a smartphone? That is a debate many parents deal with as they make decisions about their children’s smartphone use.

Children as young as two years are now using their parent’s smartphone or mobile device for about 10 minutes a day. By the time they reach age 11, they may already have their own device. As they go into their teenage years, they use their mobile device up to three hours a day!

Some parents worry that their child may just spend all their time using their phone for fun or entertainment and not learn anything. The reality is that kids from ages 2 to 10 spend over a third of their time using educational media and play an educational game once a week. They want to have fun and learn at the same time!

As more parents are buying smartphones for their children, makers of smartphones are seeing a demand for more educational apps, such as for building vocabulary and learning math skills. New smartphones, such as those from T-Mobile, not only have apps for education but also have features for parents to monitor their children’s smartphone use. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge features a Kids Mode that parents can use to block adult apps and create a kid-friendly experience.

Take a look at the insights into kids using smartphones, and decide if your child should have one.

Learn How Smartphones Now Cater to Children {Infographic}

Does your child have their own smartphone? If so, do you limit their usage?

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