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Learn German Language and Its Alphabet

By Tlb

Starting to learn the basics of a foreign language may sometimes be exasperating especially when you are already an adult when you decided to learn it. Sometimes, it made you even sound or look retarded because you are learning the basics just like a kindergarten.

But to be honest, for us to be effective when deciding to learn foreign languages—especially when we learn German language, we always have to start to the basics, even to the extent of looking or sounding like toddlers just to learn how to pronounce or write it properly.

So, here is a video provided for you if you want to start your German language learning. To start with, let’s begin with the language’s basic alphabets. Enjoy watching!

YouTube Preview Image

We also have here the complete German alphabet provided for you. Here are the lists

A: /aː/

Ä: /ɛː/

B: /beː/

C: /tseː/

D: /deː/

E: /eː/

F: /ɛf/

G: /geː/

H: /haː/

I: /iː/

J: /jɔt/; in Austria /jeː/

K: /kaː/

L: /ɛl/

M: /ɛm/

N: /ɛn/

O: /oː/

Ö: /øː/

P: /peː/

Q: /kuː/; in Austria /kveː/

R: /ɛr/

S: /ɛs/

ß: Eszett, /ɛs’tsɛt/; scharfes S, /ʃaːfəs ɛs/

T: /teː/

U: /uː/

Ü: /yː/

V: /faʊ/

W: /veː/

X: /ɪks/

Y: /’ʏpsilɔn/

Z: /tsɛt/

We hope this simply but important basics of German alphabet are helpful for your further learning towards the language. Of course, nothing beats the learning you will get when you enroll to a language school and have a formal training there. Nothing beats the schools when it comes to equipping and adding knowledge, you know.

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