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Learn French Through Fairy Tales

By Tlb
learn french: old french fairy tales.

old french fairy tales. Rosalie saw before her eyes a tree of marvelous beauty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

French is a beautiful language indeed. I’ve always been a fan of Walt Disney movies and I tend to memorize songs and dialogues of most of their cartoon and animated movies. Yet, when I heard their songs sang in French translation, it becomes even more fascinating. Indeed, just as a certain Youtube user commented about the same topic, French is so melodic; and the language has been the smoothest sounding language so far.

No wonder many people are interested to learn French. It is romantic, good to hear, and of course, a great advantage when you will work, travel, or study in Europe.

As far as learning methods are concerned, you can name lots of methods used to learn French: music and songs, language schools, movies, reading, games and even synopsis. But for an enjoyable and childish way of learning, I bet fairy tales’ songs can be a good choice.

This is one example of a song translated in French. The lyrics are provided below. Listen to its pronunciation as you follow its lyrics at the same time. The song is a famous medley in the movie Cinderella.

YouTube Preview Image


Hummmm hummmmm

C’est ça l’amour

Hummm hummmm Le grand amour

L’amour qui fait chanter la vie

Là dans tes bras Hummm hummm Je sais déjà (Je sais déjà)

Que mon bonheur est infini


Mon coeur s’affole Hummm hummm Et je m’envole

Je danse sous une pluie d’étoiles

Tu es ce que j’attendais

Tu es mon rêve fou

Hummmm hummmm (Hummmm hummm)

C’est ça l’amour


Inspring, isn’t it? I even my self am fascinated how French is being pronounced and sang. And the spelling, man, it’s so fascinating. Who would not want to learn French, you know.

So you, French learners, don’t prolong your interests in learning French at all! Contact us for more and further details.

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