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Learn French in Lyon This Holiday Season

By Tlb
Cathédrale Saint Jean. french in Lyon France.

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Can you feel the Spirit of Christmas gradually showing up in the air? It may be too soon to your location today but as in mine, Christmas is becoming more exciting since some residences and business establishments are having their Christmas decorations displayed already. Even the malls and departments stores are selling various Christmas decorations too already. Indeed, the Holiday Season is gradually approaching to make us excited once again!

And speaking of Christmas, how are you going to spend it anyway? Are you going home to your relatives? Stay in your place today? Or perhaps you are interested to take this opportunity to learn French in Lyon and take this as an opportunity for both learning in holidays and Christmas vacation as well? That’s hitting two birds in one single stone!

Lyon is one of the prominent places you can choose for a vacation in France, aside from Paris. If you want to go somewhere else to learn French prior to Paris, then Lyon is another option. Our language schools here are as excellent based on the standards of an excellent language school should have.

You honestly should prefer the language school in Lyon, especially the one that we have today. Our school is situated in the center of Lyon where various historical and cultural attractions can easily be seen. It’s learning methods so far is based on comprehension and speaking, which honestly focuses on the more practical side of learning a language. Since you will just be staying only for a vacation during holidays, there is no further need for you to undergo such intensive learning (unless you decide to do so, then we have another option for that).

The schedule in the language school in Lyon is also very flexible; you can easily adapt to each student’s needs and lifestyle. And of course, since this is a holiday season, you might be able to avail discounts on prices like 5% -8% -10% if you want to! And speaking of discounts, you may also want to avail our free cultural classes, activities and personalized help once a week! The classes in our language school are honestly versatile!

So what are you waiting for? Book your holiday trip in advance right away! It’s never too late to book your Lyon travel in seasons like this!

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