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Learn English with Other English Learners

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Learn english with other english learners

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“How good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity.”

-   Psalm 133:1

We haven’t really used memory verses included in any of the articles posted in abroad languages. But as far as the topic of this article is concerned, it is indeed good and pleasant, in the context of language learning, that language learners will dwell together in unity.

What does dwell together in unity means? Well, the bible is pertaining to an absolute truth, but we can also quote it when it comes to language learning. And yes, when group of learners will choose to help one another and become united with the learning, they will get to a maximized result of learning. To emphasize it, it becomes “good and pleasant.”

Have you been personally going to foreign language schools to learn English language and other idioms? Do you not talk to your seatmate what your teacher really meant during the lesson? Have you not asked your classmates after the class some pointers as to how to make your English assignment? Have you not experience having group studies with your classmates just to master your skills? All these, if you are too independent with your idiom learning, will not be enjoyed at all.

When you learn English at language school in New York, you will be assured that you will indeed learn the language more because maximized interaction is encouraged. Some learners may not be people person, but once they let themselves practice their skills through constant speaking of the language, no matter how many times they are mistaken, still, they will learn. Some learners may not be an avid writer, but when it is done in groups, asking seatmates and classmates to proofread their work, learners will be corrected, and they will eventually learn.

There is power in unity indeed. And it is definitely good and pleasant if learners will unite themselves with their English language learning and help one another. That is one advantage of learning in a language school. Certainly, you will never feel alone with your journey to learn languages. That’s the best part!

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