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LeAnn Rimes Dishes on Her Affair with Eddie Cibrian

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

You remember- two years ago LeAnn Rimes was caught cheating on her then husband Dean Sheremet with her Northern Lights co-star, Eddie Cibrian. This Sunday, Ms. Rimes will be talking about her experience with adultery and divorce in Backstory: LeAnn Rimes- a special airing on the Great American Country channel. Apparently Ms. Rimes focuses on not handling her affair the right way, or is it that she didn’t handle ending her marriage the right way? She shares that she didn’t have the tools to let go because she had never been taught that. Maybe all couples should take a class in this before they say “I do,” just in case.

Ms. Rimes is now engaged to Mr. Cibrian, and claims she learned a lot from the affair and the messy demise of her marriage. All this learning should come in handy (if) when the second time around comes.

What makes me question how much learning Ms. Rimes actually did as a result of her experience is that she highlights the “double standard” in country music for men and women. Apparently when the guys do it, it’s “boys will be boys,” but when women do it- they are seen very negatively. Let’s face it, adultery is not nice. It is messy, someone always gets hurt- and it is definitely NOT the way to deal with an unhappy or unfulfilling marriage.

Given the statistics on celebrity marriages, I hope Ms. Rimes did gain some useful insights, learning and maturity from her experience. Perhaps NOT rushing into another relationship and marrying him would be a good start- but far too many celebrities move on quickly and repeat their mistake over and over.

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