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LeAndria Johnson Is Sharing Her Testimony Of Struggling With Alcohol

By Firstladyb
LeAndria Johnson is sharing her testimony.

The Gospel singer has revealed that she’s been struggling with a drinking problem that landed her in jail, and wearing an ankle bracelet.

“It took an ankle bracelet for me to stop drinking … December 7, that was the last time I had alcohol,” LeAndria Johnson told an audience while sharing her testimony at the new Met Philly church in Philadelphia.  The audience included residents and staff from the Women Walking in Victory Rehabilitation Center.

“I woke up, by the time I got up it was around 11-something in the morning and by that time I was drinking. I didn’t realize. It consumed my day. I didn’t have time to talk to God. I didn’t have time to be there for my kids like I needed to. All I know is that I had to go out and make ends meet to come back home and provide for my family,” she said.

She also shared that she would drink to numb the pain from loss.

“My brother died, she says in the video posted on YouTube.  I lost a lot but I used alcohol to numb the pain but didn’t realize that alcohol was killing me slowly,” she said.

Like most people who have a problem, the singer was in denial.

“I was in denial. You know how long it took me to first accept that I had a problem?” she told the congregation.

How did she get arrested? She went out to drink, and was pulled over for having a headlight out. She was giving a sobriety test and failed.

“The judge required me to wear an ankle bracelet. So I have my ankle bracelet on,” she told the audience.

This incident has helped her to become a better person and parent.

“I think clearer now. I can handle my business. My children, they run to me. [They say] ‘Mommy I’m so proud of you because you’re spending more time with us. You’re not angry,’” she said.

Now, we shouldn’t be condemning LeAndria. We all have that “thing”  we struggle with.  I thank God she had the strength to share, because maybe her testimony will help somebody else.  Isn’t that how it’s suppose to work anyway?

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And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony – Revelation 12:11


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