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Lean on Me

By Nicelise
Lean on MeWhether a friendship or a romantic relationship, it all comes down to happiness. This is something I've known for some time, but has become very apparent recently from things going on in my life, other's lives around me and in the media.
When things become complicated, dramatic and stressful, sometimes it's just a rough patch and the issues get resolved quickly. But when things become complicated, dramatic and stressful and never seem to get better, it's time to rethink the situation.
When it comes to relationships, it's just as hard to find a good friend as it is to find a good boyfriend or girlfriend. While the dynamics of those relationships may be different, in both cases love, compassion and kindess need to be present.
I think the best friendships are effortless. You enjoy each other's company. You like spending time together. You have fun when you go out together. You don't necessarily have to have a ton in common, but you have to be able to be yourself in front of each other. Good friends console each other when one is hurting. A good friend never judges you nor does he or she ever use things you tell them against you.
In terms of a romantic relationship, things are a little more complicated that than a friendship. But the number one thing two people should get out of a romantic relationship is happiness. For those relationships where a couple seems to always be in a fight, are they truly happy?
A relationship shouldn't feel like work. You shouldn't feel stressed out around someone. You should feel loved, cared about and happy.
xoxo Nickie

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