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Leaky Graves

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Behadrei has news of an Eida pashkevil and protest (not hafgana, just a verbal protest for now) that taught me about a problem I didn't know existed.
According to the article, a few months back it was discovered that the area of Har Hamenuchos where the graves are built in "stories" above ground (though not halachically above ground because of the way they are constructed) had a problem. The graves were leaking. That's right, leaking. As the bodies decompose, fluids and juices were leaking out of the graves and down on to the pavement and basically running down the road.
When it was discovered this past summer, according to the article, ZAKA got involved in sponging up the leaking fluids and buried them while management worked to resolve the problem and plug the leaks.
Now, with the steady and heavy rains, the leak is back.
The Eida has gotten involved and sent its people over to check out the situation. They issued a kol koreh about the situation, along with parenthetically criticizing the IDF Rabbinate decision to bury Jewish and non-Jewish soldiers side by side (with a solution beneath ground to keep them from being "next to each other".
All I really have to say about this, is ewwww. gross. Bodies leaking out of graves! Yuch/yich/ichsa.
I hope they solve this. In addition to the kvod hameis issue, there are health concerns and there will also be emotional trauma involved if it continues.
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