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Leading A Spiritual Life May Help You Avoid Debt

By Huntsends

There are lots of benefits of leading a spiritual life and most surprisingly you will be able to avoid debt! Surprised as you may be, it is a proven fact that if you lead a spiritual life it will help you to attract money. No one but there is several such instances where people have been able to lead a financially stable life just being spiritual.

The reason behind this is that spirituality and money has a distinct relation as it teaches you the fine difference between your need and wants. You will know the difference between enough and abundance which can easily raise your vibration.
Well, to know whether you are careful and considerate about your finance and its management you will need to know and analyze the money repelling statements. Few of these statements are when you find yourself saying things such as:
You cannot afford to make a specific expense

You are not good with money management

You know how money can change a person

You know that money can be evil and
You do not have enough money in your account.

You can see that each of these statementhave a very clear and distinct negative energy to it. If you follow your word as your command then you will be able to avoid these negative effects of money.

In addition to that, you will also become well aware of your thoughts, speech and actions when it comes to money whether it is acquiring it, using it or handling it proficiently.
You will also be able to know the useful answers to several other questions such as:

Do you pay your bills regularly and gratefully on time or pay it resentfully for the utilities or for any services that you may have received

Do you ignore or avoid paying your monthly bills

Do you constantly worry about money

Do you look out for ways to attract more money

Do you act miserly with the money your earn ever and

Do you feel that giving some money to a charitable organization or to some person will leave not enough money for yourself?

If any of these questions and its answers haunts you, consider it to be high time to raise the vibration about money.
You will not only be thrilled with the results you achieve but will also be able to avoid borrowing money excessively leading to the stressful situation of debt. You will in turn be saved from the hassles and efforts of looking for different ways to get rid of your debts by consolidating your multiple high interest debts or by settling the debts you cannot afford to pay to the creditors after negotiation and harm your credit score in the process.
You will also not have to look up in sites such as or others to look for specific grants and benefits that will ease up your stressful financial condition.

Road to a spiritual living

To make sure that you manage your debts and finance spiritually, effectively and proficiently, you will first have to identify any negative blocks that you may have about money and eliminate it. These negative blocks about money are not only silly but unnecessary as well. The best way to do this is by following these steps:

Consider money to be just a meanto purchase any product or services
You must not only take money out of the equation if you feel that you are not worth of having money but also look beyond it

Find out whether you are not worthy enough of enjoying theseproducts and service to experience the benefits that you want and can buy with the money you have in hand.

If you think it in this way, you will find that just like any other person you too are worthy enough and also have the means to have clothes, food, a home, transportation, health care, fun and entertainment, leisure time, and more just like any other ordinary person. Of course, the level of it will vary according to the level of money you have at your disposal for experiencing these.

Here is a great and very helpful list of things that you can do to eliminate those negative blocks when you find fretting next time on the thought that you cannot afford something that you really want. The list includes:

Being grateful for what you have

Being happy with the money you have

Focusing more on the energy of your desire

Knowing exactly what you want to do with the money and not on the money itself and above all

Not asking from a place of lack.
Considering each of these practices individually, you will see that you have so much to be grateful about though it is a great feeling to have a couple of things more that you desire.
You will know that gratitude will open you up to receiving and that your 'desire energy' usually comes from a place of gratitude. Instead of sulking in silence you will take things and think about a situation in a positive manner. You will feel that you already have so much that you do not want more. However, you still welcome what you want in your life just to enhance it even more but it does not matter if it does not matter if it does not come to you.
As far as doing exactly what you want to do with your money, you never know when the specific thing that you want may be gifted to you or you may inherit or trade it even. All these will take out the money factor from the equation enabling you to save on the money that you had to spend on it.
Lastly, when you focus more on lack lowers of your vibration it will bring about positive thoughts about your lack and help you to act accordingly.
In short, spiritual thinking will bring a change in your thoughts, increase your persistence and be able to track the negative thoughts and replace them with thoughts having higher vibration.

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