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Lead Poisoning at Gun Ranges

Posted on the 20 October 2014 by Mikeb302000
The Charlotte Observer reports
A confused 38-year-old father in Kentucky rarely crawled out of bed. A conservation volunteer in Iowa lost feeling in his hands and feet. A 5-year-old girl in suburban Seattle doubled over in pain and vomited. The cause of their suffering: lead poisoning. The source: dirty gun ranges. Indoor, outdoor, public and private, gun ranges dot the national landscape like bullet holes riddling a target, as the popularity of shooting has rocketed to new heights with an estimated 40 million recreational shooters annually. But a hidden risk lies within almost all of America's estimated 10,000 gun ranges: firing lead-based ammunition spreads vapor and dust filled with lead, an insidious toxin. Thousands of workers, shooters and their family members have been contaminated at shooting ranges due to poor ventilation and contact with lead-coated surfaces, a Seattle Times investigation has found.

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