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Le Plus Grande Pilgrimage

By Travelspot06 @travelspot06

In France, there is a song about the pilgrimage of the Basques.
J’irai de Pampelune jusqu'a Bayonne (I’ll go from Pampalona to Bayonne) J’irai de Dax jusqua Mont de Marssan (I’ll go from Dax to Mont de Marssan) Je ferai le plus grande pelerinage, (I’ll go on the biggest pilgrimage) Le plus grande que tout le temp! (The biggest pilgrimage of all time)**
**pardon me if I spelled any French words wrong or translated incorrectly. It's been a while since I learned that song OR spoke French!
I learned this song when I was living in Bordeaux. We went to Dax during the running of the Bulls and celebrated with hundreds of Basques, dressed all in white with a red kerchief around their necks.
My friend Raquelita, and her friend M, went to Spain and did a hiking pilgrimage on the same route as the Basques, many miles over several days. They hiked a little bit each day in order to eventually conquer a great distance. They are both in academia, and when M suggested using this same principal to get some of their writing done, I jumped on board. Her challenge to herself and to others, was to write 400 words a day, at least, and to reward herself with a new pair of boots after she got to 10,000 words (I especially like that part!)
I don’t have any academic papers to write; I don’t have any homework. However, I do have a couple things that I am using M’s pilgrimage for.
Journaling: When I travel, I usually keep a journal, or try to. I really enjoy this for several reasons. Looking back over them is fun, as is remembering what you did and all the little things that you quickly forget about. Also, it’s a great way to keep your facts straight. I write down where we stayed and how much it was so if anyone needs a recommendation for a good hostel, I have it. I keep track of how much I spend, so later I can remember that, yes, Egypt WAS cheap. BUT, I often fall short on my journaling. I tend to start off strong and end up…well…nowhere. So, my goal #1 is to catch up on my journaling, not only for traveling/fun days, but for regular days. Luckily I have photos to help me remember each day! 
Le Plus Grande Pilgrimage
How’s it going so far? I started on the 8th, a week ago, and so far, I have written over 400 words each day. I plan to keep on with this for at least the month of February, and hopefully longer. My end (optimistic) goal is to get done with my entire travel journal and start making my life journal an everyday thing (right now I maybe get it done once a week, usually when I have problems I need to hash out in my mind).
Goals: Sometimes I let my goals scare me. If they are big, they seem too big, too far away, unattainable even. I need to break them down into bite sized pieces instead of letting them get the best of me. My friend Karen uses the 52 weeks of the year to attain her goals. She makes 52 goals and tries to accomplish one each week.
Sometimes my biggest problem is the making of the goals themselves, not necessarily the accomplishing of the goals. Once I buckle down and decide what to do, I can get things done. But I don’t want to make a goal and then fail it, so my fear of failing the goal makes me not make goals, which is in itself failing anyway. So hopefully this challenge will help me to MAKE goals and to realize that if I work on them a little bit each day/week/month, I can get them done eventually! 
How's it going so far? Last week, I sat down and made three big goals. Now I need to break them into manageable bites and then get chomping!
Running: Some days I don’t feel like running. I have to talk myself into going out and just running a few miles, since that means I will still be able to run less miles per day to achieve my weekly goal. I would rather run 4 x 4 mile days than 1 x 16 mile day! I am usually pretty good at doing this, but I just want to keep it in the back of my mind for those days that I am feeling less motivated. 
Hows it going so far? This week I ran 5 times, rather than 4. It was great to have one day where I could do a shorter, "easy" run, instead of cramming all the miles into less runs! 
Do you have a pilgrimage of your own to conquer? What things do you try to do every day so that they don’t get out of hand in the long run?

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