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Lawsuit Against IKEA for Excluding Women Rejected

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
A few years ago IKEA Israel put out the first "Haredi version" of their popular catalog. This version was to be distributed in Haredi neighborhoods and towns. The main difference in the Haredi version was that the catalog included only pictures of men using and enjoying the furniture and accessories, and no women.
After a lawsuit was filed for discrimination against women, by the following year IKEA Israel had already decided that their Haredi version of the catalog would be pure product with no people at all, not men and not women. No discrimination, no problem.
Kikar is reporting that the courts have rejected the class action lawsuit filed against IKEA Israel for discrimination, though the judge also criticized IKEA for leaving women out.
It seems that while IKEA should not have left the women out, because they "correct their mistake" by not discriminating in the following years, their claim that it was a one-time mistake was accepted.
The judge however, despite saying that the keeping of women out of the public space is clearly wrong (and she proved how IKEA did that using images of a product from the catalog as an example), this does not justify the lawsuit based on the discrimination law, and a class action suit is not the right way to resolve this dispute.
If a lawsuit is not the right way to resolve such a dispute, what is the right way? The judge did not seem to say. 
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