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Lawful Gun Owner in Oklahoma Does Triple Murder and Suicide

Posted on the 05 December 2013 by Mikeb302000
Local news reports
Police say a grandfather killed his two grandchildren and his daughter’s boyfriend in a shooting Tuesday afternoon in rural Crawford County. 
Crawford County Sheriff Ron Brown said Tim Adams, believed to be in his early 50s, then killed himself after shooting his 4-month-old grandson, 4-year-old granddaughter and the boyfriend of his daughter. 
Brown said when Adams’ daughter, boyfriend and two children drove up to the home Tuesday afternoon, 
Adams came outside carrying a gun. He fired a shot, wounding the woman’s boyfriend, and then shot the 4-month-old boy, who was in a carseat in the back seat of the vehicle, Brown said. The woman grabbed the wounded infant and exited the car, running into the home, Brown said. 
Adams pursued her, firing shots as she fled with the infant, before he returned to the front yard and shot his 4-year-old granddaughter, Brown said. “(The boyfriend) was in the front passenger seat of the vehicle when he was shot,” Brown said. 
“He exited the vehicle after being shot and died in the yard. It looked like he tried to run into the house as well.” Adams’ daughter was not wounded, Brown said.  
I'll bet he had a concealed carry permit too, but after all this, who's checking? Especially in cases where the permit holder ends up dead, no one cares any more if he had a CCW permit or a library card or anything else.  What's the difference?

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