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Lauren Bowles Talks with She Knows About True Blood Season 6

Posted on the 14 June 2013 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

Things took a very interesting turn for Holly Cleary at the end of season 5. Just when she thought she found a stable man in Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer), he had to have babies with a fairy! Lauren Bowles, the actress behind Holly recently spoke with She Knows about how her character will proceed in season 6 now that there are four children involved. While Lauren couldn’t give much away but Andy is in a compromising position with Holly:

“Well, I can give nothing away, but I will say [at] the start of the season he definitely finds himself in a somewhat compromising position with her. She will not be very happy with him in the beginning, but things move quickly on the show, so anything is possible.”

And although it was revealed that Holly was a practicing Wiccan in season four, this season will focused more on her personal life which is primarily focused on survival this year:

“I would say this season is really the season of survival. You can make that joke with every season, but quite literally everyone is running for their lives. You really see a lot of growth in her personal relationships this year. You really have to band with everyone in your camp and that goes for Holly.”

In previous seasons,  characters spent a lot of time elsewhere. But Bowles tells She Knows that there will be a focus on what is happening in Bon Temps this year. And instead of being introduced to brand new species, we’ll be seeing things we’re familiar with in a different way:

“Yes, but not in the way that it’s been in the past where it’s a thing you’ve never heard of before. There might be some new things that haven’t been seen before in a different way than Season 5.”

As for life behind the scenes, Lauren says the atmosphere on set is a dream:

 ”I’m convinced I work on the greatest show on television! Really, there’s no hierarchy that you hear about on a lot of TV shows. It’s very egalitarian. Everyone is just really professional. It’s just a dream. We have so much fun. I just kind of feel like, “Oh, pinch me.”

True Blood is known for its gore and all the blood and guts might be hard to stomach if they were real. But the fake stuff is easy for Lauren to handle even as a vegan:

“Well if it were real blood and guts it might, but when I see it’s really just corn syrup and food dye I can deal with it pretty well.”

How do you think Holly will deal with Andy’s new family? Find out this Sunday June 16th at 9PM on HBO!

Source: She Knows.com- “True Blood‘s Lauren Bowles talks Season 6 spoilers”

Image Credit: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

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