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By Erika Brechtel @smallshopstudio

You may have noticed, I’ve been swamped with work and life lately. Well, I am happy to finally share a few reasons why!


I think the big news of the day is client Tamra Sanford’s ever swoon is officially live today! She’s all over the blogosphere, and you should know that she deserves every bit of praise she gets — she is a gem! We had such a blast putting everything together. I do hope you’ll stop by her new blog, Studio Swoon, and say hello! Join in the celebration on twitter today with hashtag #dancetildawn!


Last week, another awesome client of mine, Jellypop Shoes, launched their Spring 2012 website! I’ve praised them and owner Jennet Chow here before. They are always a pleasure to work with, and this season was no exception! They continue to reinvent themselves while staying true to brand. Not an easy task, in case you’re wondering. ;o)


The week before that, yet another client launched their BIG website! Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy hired me to rebrand their company, and that included EVERYTHING — down to a 3×3 post-it pad! I’ll be adding a bunch of pieces to my portfolio soon, but in the meantime, check out the massive amount of info they’ve pulled together to help those in need of pain relief!


Oh I’m not done quite yet: I haven’t had a chance to showcase client Elizabeth Rogers either! She’s a double-whammy 2-for-1 Physical Therapist and Pilates instructor — really, how great is that? I had the pleasure of creating her brand, stationery and website, and also got to assist her with copywriting and photography. A full suite of services for another fantastic client!


Last but certainly not least, Kate of k.d. style & grace was like a dream-come-true client — she was such a joy to work with that I was sad that it was all over so quickly! If you’re in the Bay Area, connect with her to style you, your wardrobe, your house, your LIFE…and while you’re at it, get those kids whipped into shape too. Etiquette for teens? Should be mandatory.

And per usual, every other Wednesday I write my column “Design Under the Influence” on La Dolce Vita! It’s been such a fun series to write — like mini research papers. I hope you’ll check out today’s post on Art Deco — a truly massive topic but not to worry, I keep it focused and light with lots of pretty visuals.

So there you have it! I’ve got much more down the pipeline coming your way, too. Can’t wait to share all of these new projects too! I really am a lucky gal.

p.s. To any of you who may have sent inquiries the past month, it’s become difficult for me to respond as efficiently as I’d like. My sincerest apologies! But I do have open slots coming up!

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