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Lauki Bharta Recipe, How To Make Lauki Ka Bharta

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Lauki Bharta- A delicious and easy to make bottle gourd and tomato mash

Lauki bharta is a delicious and easy to make recipe which is quite different then the regular lauki ki sabazi. Lauki / doodhi/ ghiya/ bottle gourd is a summer special recipe which contain 96 % water and is very easy to digest. It helps in digestion, gastric trouble, good for almost every type of illness so patients can easily have it , cure jaundice, ulcers and helps to reduce weight .

Lauki is considered among the top recommended vegetables in Ayurveda as it is very quick and easy to digest so this is very good for sick and weak patients. You can also give the boiled bottle gourd to infants.

It is very healthy and easily available during summer season and is very reasonably priced so consumed in most of the Indian families though many don't like its simple and mild taste but if you combine it with some lentil, tomato, lemon etc. then it taste very good. Personally I feel that lauki taste best when cooked with fresh herbs and less spices . I avoid adding dry powder spices in lauki and prefer to add fresh green chilies, ginger ,fresh coriander and lemon juice .

There are two methods to make lauki ka bharta - You can grate lauki and add in the prepared tomato masala and cook till done but I prefer this way of cooking choped bottle gourd separately and then mashing it coarsely. Then make masala of tomatoes and add the mashed bottle gourd in it and cook till its done. Finish with adding lemon juice , fresh coriander and some ghee on top.

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Lauki Bharta Recipe, How To Make Lauki Ka Bharta

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Lauki Ka Bharta

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