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Latyest Gun Control Polls from Florida

Posted on the 27 May 2012 by Mikeb302000
Latyest Gun Control Polls from Florida The Miami Herald reports the latest polls.
The law's strongest support comes from the state's most-rural and conservative areas, North Florida and the Panhandle, where 65 percent favor "stand your ground" and 30 percent oppose it. The least support was in liberal South Florida, Trayvon's home, where 46 percent favor it and 44 percent oppose it. 
Generally, when it comes to gun control, the poll shows 51 percent oppose stricter laws and 45 percent favor them. A narrower segment of the electorate, 49 percent, say Tampa should be allowed to temporarily ban guns during the RNC convention while 46 favor the idea. Voters from the Tampa Bay region are the most-inclined to favor the temporary RNC ban.
Maybe Florida's not so bad after all. For The Most Baneful State in the Country, those poll numbers don't seem so bad.
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