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Latest Sunday Column for the Elder of Ziyon

Posted on the 10 August 2014 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.

grim The Elder was kind enough to publish my latest Sunday column entitled, And Cries of "Genocide" Rang Out Across the Land...
Here is a tid-bit:
"As for "genocide" there is one taking place in Syria, but there is not one taking place in Gaza.  If by "genocide" we mean a significant decrease in a particular population due to war and malice then Syria qualifies, but Gaza does not.  The Armenian genocide was a genocide.  The Holocaust of the Jews and the Sinti and Roma (Gypsy) were genocides.  Syria, with its 150,000 dead, is a genocide.  But, I'm sorry, while the Gaza operation is terrible for the Gazans and has resulted in around 1,500 deaths as of August 1, it does not come close to any meaningful definition of genocide.
Let us therefore take a look at claims of genocide on Daily Kos between the two conflicts.  Given the fact that Syria does represent an actual genocide and Gaza does not, one would hope that this would be reflected in the sentiments among progressives.  Once again, sadly, one's hopes would be dashed.
An examination of the 143 "diaries" with the tag "Syria" reveals no mention of the word "genocide."  I combed through many of the more widely commented pieces and found no reference to "genocide" whatsoever.
I, of course, did not read every single comment under those 143 "diaries," but I did keyword search and found nothing.
By contrast, there were thirty comments accusing Israel of genocide in just one day alone, the day of August 1."

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