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Latest Purchase from the Brocante

By Coreyamaro


the Brocante


My latest find at the French brocante.

Lucky score. 

7:30 in the morning.

Oil on canvas.


Vase with roses, varied colored lilacs and greens.

Worn true enough to steal my heart.


the Brocante


Thick paint light textured brush strokes.

Layers upon layers as sweetly placed as nature's petals

A hint of perfume,

a story,

a bouquet in a Asian designed vase.

Gathered. Painted. Kept.


Latest Purchase from the Brocante


Certainly it was painted this time of year.

When the lilacs bloom, the roses follow the air change, the painter rejoices.

The air moves, creates a mood, the song as perfume is released and our hearts open wide.

Embracing the day. 

Breath it in.

A painting in painted.

A memory kept.

I found it at the brocante.

Spring is here.


the Brocante


What story will I leave behind?

What story am I telling?

Who are the main characters?


Where do I plant my love? My Joy? My Forgiveness?


 the Brocante


Roses bloom 

Perfume released.

Gift given.

Nothing expected.

The painter painted.

A painting to remind me to be:


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