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Latest Obsessions

By Stilettosanddiaperbags @Sadbblog
Here are a few of my latest obsessions:PhotobucketStarbucks: Refreshers-Very Berry HibiscusThis drink is beyond! I am obsessed and find myself driving by Starbucks just to get one a few times a week.
Dr. Mercola: Pure Gold Raw HoneyI've always had an obsession with honey. It's my chocolate. Obviously it's not the best thing for you when you are eating the processed kind, so I found my healthy alternative. I eat this stuff my the spoonful. Mostly over coconut milk ice cream or in my coffee. But yeah, off the spoon too. It's amazing!
Just Fabulous: After Glow ClutchI'm sure you have noticed in a number of outfit post so far that I just can't get enough of this clutch. It's edgy, classic, and neutral all at the same time. I find myself wanting to wear it more often then I thought I would for a skull clutch for sure.
What are your current obsessions?

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