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Latest Blogging Ideas – 5 Tips of Beginners

Posted on the 03 March 2019 by Kharim Tomlinson @KharimTomlinson

Before you start a blog, you need to come up with its theme. Marketing specialists keep blogs for business promotion, some about their favorite things to do, while some share their personal stories and worries. If you want to start keeping a blog, but have troubles with choosing a topic, here are a few ideas for your inspiration.

Latest Blogging Ideas – 5 Tips of Beginners


Lists-articles like any other kind of content marketing have its advantages and disadvantages: people like to read them but many resources provide with the same repeating ratings.

"The best _____ of the year 2018", "of this century", "of 2000-`s", "of all times" and other "best of the best-like" lists are especially popular. Who of us did not face with the best movies lists or did not hear of photos, which changed the world?

Everybody cannot stand looking through instructions. When for a final time you made yourself comfortable in the chair with a wine glass and your new toaster instruction?

How people are aware of what to do? The answer is Google search. WikiHow has become well-known due to the instruction kind of articles.

You would be amazed at what a wide circle of interest an audience might have. If you are able to find the audience in your niche and satisfy its curiosity, your blog will be recognizable.

Post different types of practical guides. Step-by-step guides for beginners are very popular. For example, a guide on Mailchimp service.

If you are an expert in some certain area, you may share your experience and create more of full guides for advanced users. Also, you may post a guide on guide building.

Politics is always popular especially on election year, both local and state ones. Find some interesting politic topic and suggest it for discussion in your blog. Be careful though, political topics always rise hot discussions of different parties' followers.

Recipes are an excellent chance to increase traffic of your website. New diets appear day-to-day, for example, "Full 30 days" diet is popular now. It is a remake of good-old Atkins diet so recipes will always remain popular.

Culinary subject in general is very popular. Video blogs are highly popular due to their visibility. Oftentimes, they are dedicated to some certain subject matter: vegetarianism or on the contrary, severe "man`s cuisine" with no lack of meat courses recipes.

Be ready for the fact that even if you happen to answer all frequently asked questions, people will not stop asking them. FAQ section is usually an integral part of commercial websites but as for blogs, it is quite rarely to happen.

FAQ section is very important because when it comes to knowledge graph, Google algorithm takes FAQ and other trending topics into consideration. So, if you are lucky, you will move beyond in the search results.

About the author: Melisa Marzett knows what they want from life. Currently writing for paper writers from sky writing service, she hopes to travel around the world one day and to write a book about it. Due to her natural curiosity, persistence and passion for writing, she is sure the day will come.

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