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Latest Air Conditioning Solutions by Samsung

Posted on the 14 May 2016 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

It won't be a lie if I say that I started tech. blogging because of a smartphone. The world of smartphone technology is thrilling and constantly changing. That is the reason why smartphones gained such quick favour from people. Because they are exciting. However, when we think of electronics like washing machines, air conditioners etc., we rarely think of them being exciting. I mean, an AC is just a cooling machine, right? What's new in that?

I confess that I too used to feel like that. But after attending the launch of Samsung's latest air conditioning solutions, I can see how much innovation and exciting technology go into the making of even such consumer durable electronics. I also learnt that there are Air conditioning solutions available that can give cold air and hot air simultaneously to help maintain different temperatures in different rooms. There's also an AC available that can heat water while cooling the room by using the hot air that gets expelled from the AC.

But that was about the air conditions from Samsung that are available since long. Let me now tell you about the four latest air solutions that Samsung launched yesterday (13th May, 2016). These four AC systems are targeted for residential and light commercial uses like apartment complexes, restaurants, hotels, offices etc.

Latest Conditioning Solutions SamsungLatest Air Conditioning Solutions by Samsung

Out of the four new air solutions launched by Samsung, this is the one that I found most interesting. Maybe because it is very visually appealing.

Usually, the air vents of centrally air conditioning systems are rectangular in shape with blades controlling the air flow. The trouble with these installations is that they create regions with Cold Draft and Hot Pockets. That is, some areas in the room are under direct flow of cold air while other areas feel warmer. Samsung's latest 360 Cassette is circular in shape and has been designed to deliver uniform cooling to about 9 meters by way of horizontal air flow that creates layers of cold air in the room or hall. The circular air wave distributes the cold air all around the room, instead of in just one direction.

Another problem that conventional cassettes have is that their blades block the air draft and cause some amount of loss or wastage of cold air. The air blades are also prone to accumulate dirt. The 360 Cassette has a bladeless design which takes care of these problems. There's no loss of cold air and no spoiling of beauty of the installation by dirt trapped in blades.

The cassette can be controlled by way of the panel display or the wheel dial remote controller. It comes with an additional feature of Samsung Virus Doctor kit that can help in eliminating dust and other air pollutants like bacteria, viruses and allergens.

And it looks beautiful. The circular cassette is available in circular exposed panel and square embedded panel and can enhance the aesthetics of any area, instead of looking like ugly holes in the ceiling. To tell you the truth, when I saw the 360 Casette, my first thought was 'Wow, I wish I had that in my home!' But these are only for places that have central air conditioning.

The other 3 air solutions launched by Samsung yesterday can't really be called 'visually appealing.' If Cassette 360 is like the face of the central air conditioning system, the other three units are the muscles. But they do help in enhancing the aesthetics of the building and the available space in it by being comparatively small in size and yet capable of giving ample cooling, thereby saving floor space.

Latest Conditioning Solutions SamsungLatest Air Conditioning Solutions by Samsung
Samsung 30HP Super DVM S:

This is a Super Digital Variable Multi air conditioning system. Till now, the maximum capacity a DVM had was 26HP. This new DVM surpases it by being 30HP. This air conditioning system is equipped with the new "Super Inverter Scroll Compressor with flash injection technology with an optimized bypass valve" that increases the capacity by 29 percent. It is also equipped with Hybrid Heat Exchanger which increases the heat exchange area. Its refrigerant control boasts of being able to deliver increased efficiency rate of 10%. It also has an oval-shaped diffuser application which aids in increasing the airflow rate by 17%. The Samsung 30HP Super DVM S has a leak detection system which can automatically start an active pump down process that collects the refrigerant. The process also closes all valves for protection. And when it comes to controlling consumption of power, its energy saving capabilities are better than those provided by Five Star rated electronics. This VRF system enhances user comfort and energy saving by being able to automatically operate at less tonnage if less is required as per the room conditions.

Latest Conditioning Solutions SamsungLatest Air Conditioning Solutions by Samsung

This is Samsung's latest side discharge VRF unit meant for allowing a single outdoor air conditioning unit to be used in a building, instead of several. This saves space and installation labour and cost. It is equipped with the Inverter Scroll Compressor and corrugate fin that boast of being able to improve performance by 20 percent and increasing the air flow by 10 percent compared to other side discharge VRF units. This unit can be transported and installed using just a forklift, thereby making the installation easier. It has the piping length of up to 160 meters and an installation height of up to 50 meters. It is ideal for centrally air conditioned residential and office spaces.

Latest Conditioning Solutions SamsungLatest Air Conditioning Solutions by Samsung

With this, Samsung has stepped into the DVM Chiller space. This chiller too has been designed to pack more power and efficiency in a smaller body. It is equipped with BLDC Inverter Scroll Compressor and Flash Injection technology. Combined together, these allow greater energy efficiency and 75 percent of heating capacity at temperatures as low -20°C. Samsung also claims that this Chiller will have annual utility costs reduced by 36% to 50% compared to conventional chillers. Samsung's DVM Chiller complies with EU regulations on F-Gas levels.

All these are very complex, expensive and heavy-duty air conditioning solutions suited only to large spaces and residential and commercial buildings. The highlight of all of them is the use of innovation and technology that allows them to offer increased performance through smaller sized units. They all boast of having reduced footprints than other competitive products. And thus, they save the floor space in the building which can then be used for other purposes. None of these is for a common buyer looking for cooling solutions like a window AC. But architects, developers etc. might find them attractive options.

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