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Late August Happenings Chez Tracy and Jack

By Tracyrosen @tracyrosen

Jack will be 7 months old in…what day is it today? The 19th? If it is the 19th then 2 days from now will mark 7 months from January 21st. Wow, mama.

He’s been slowly eating different solid foods. So far he’s had sweet potato, chicken, peach, avocado, and apples. All homemade :) It’s so easy, I just incorporate whatever he is eating into my own menu and make more, then puree the heck out of it.

I will most likely be going back to work very very shortly – possibly even in just over a week! Though I don’t actually have a job yet, I know that I will. Right now I have 3 possibilities and have just applied for a 4th. They are all interesting for different reasons but there is one that really holds my heart. Of course, that is the one that is the most up in the air … But I am thinking hard on it and am hopefully it will fall into place. Good thoughts from you can’t hurt, either :)

I have very mixed feelings about this. I want to return to work for a) to pay my bills and b) to feed my mind and heart – I miss teaching! But leaving Jack each day? That I don’t want so much…

Today we are heading to Montreal. I’m picking up some stuffing and felt I found for free on Craigslist and then we’re going to head to the Jean Talon market area where I will finally get all I need for that curry base I threatened to make last week! After that we’ll head to my parents house, they’ve been away for a week and it will be nice to see them thou I am fully aware I will be ignored in favour of the cutiepatootie in my arms. That’s ok :)

Tomorrow we are packing Jacob up and travelling to Chateauguay for pugapooloza! Should be a riot! I’ll take pictures.

But right now my hard poached eggs are ready. I’m having them with leftover grilled veggies. Picture to follow.

What are you doing today?

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