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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Covers Puerto’s Debt Crisis with Lin-manuel Miranda Making a Special Guest Appearance

Posted on the 27 April 2016 by Beinglatinacom

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is a news-oriented comedy series that I personally love for it's raw content and the comical genius mind of John Oliver. The HBO series presents a satirical look at the week in news, politics and current events, as well as addressing broader issues. The hot topics discussed during the show's latest episode included President Obama's trips to Saudi Arabia and the UK, Norway's response to the Syrian migrant crisis and Puerto Rico's massive debt crisis.

The video clip that I've shared on this post lets you have a better understanding of Puerto Rico's current economic crisis and the island's 70 billion dollar debt. As you will see in the video, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Alex Lacamoire of the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" made guest appearances on the show and addressed Puerto Rico's current condition of financial despair. I personally found myself mesmerized by Lin-Manuel Miranda's words and found myself teary eyed at the end of his performance; t here is something so special and even magical that happens every time that he opens up his mouth and spits his rhymes enveloping you into his lyrical prowess.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is an eloquent force of nature that can't be denied and his passion vibrated throughout the performance almost as if though he was crying out for Puerto Rico with each and every syllable. This gallant performance by the "Hamilton" stars gave a voice to millions of Puerto Ricans that are currently suffering as the island currently has a dire rate of poverty of 45 percent of it's inhabitants.

I am very pleased that Last Week Tonight with John Oliver spoke out on this vital issue that needs to be addressed by our government and love the balls on John Oliver and the show's collaborators as they aren't shy about being vocal about topics that normally get sugar-coated and/or swept under the rug within our mainstream news media television programs.

The You can check out Last Week Tonight with John Oliver airs on HBO and is the only weekly news-oriented comedy series to be presented on Sunday night. Financial Times has hailed Oliver as "American television's satirist-in-chief," while Vulture called him "the most important person in television." The Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Sunday nights at 11pm EST on HBO or anytime on HBO NOW, HBO GO and HBO on Demand. New Yorker observed, "Oliver is a master of tone and timing," adding, "for clarity of expression and comedic effectiveness, John Oliver's show may be the best and purest show on television."

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