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Last Night Ken Rosenthal Got Punked By Jonny Gomes And @LaserMcCool

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit

So, If you haven’t heard, last night after the Red Sox BEAT Justin Verlander and the Tigers 1-0 behind a shutout performance from John Lackey and the Red Sox bullpen, Ken Rosenthal interviewed Jonny Gomes.  Instead of talking about how well John Lackey pitched, Rosenthal only wanted to talk about Verlander.  Gomes, being a freakin’ BAWSE, quickly turned the tables; focusing more on his pitcher and his team than the guy they just beat.  So Swaggy.

Via Barstool:

Hey Rosenthal, Journalism 101 bro, don’t forget the team that just won the game.  Why would you talk about the pitcher who lost when Lackey just out pitched him?  Guess what, when you do that shit,  you get called out.  Peep this ice cold tweet:


Take your interview questions and shove ‘em, brah.  #FEARTHEBEARD #BloodSweatBeards

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