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Last-Minute Wedding Tasks You Don’t Want to Forget

By Weddingblog2011

The wedding planning process can make your head spin. Even though the to-do checklist can be overwhelming, it has to be tackled if you want to achieve a smooth wedding day. As you reach the finish line, don’t forget these last-minute wedding tasks!

Whether you’ve been planning your wedding for a year or two months, the wedding planning process is time-consuming, and there are still last-minute wedding tasks you can’t forget. Just because you’ve almost reached the finish line and your big day is approaching doesn’t mean the planning process is over.

As your wedding day draws near, don’t forget these last-minute wedding tasks:

Wedding favor shopping—One task that often falls through the cracks at the end of the wedding planning stage is wedding favor shopping. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by taking care of this task well ahead of time, such as at the beginning of the planning stage, but it’s often helpful to wait until you know your wedding decor theme and color scheme. Either way, don’t forget to give yourself at least a month before the wedding to shop for wedding favors. Remember, you’ll need to account for shipping and setup time.

Vendor confirmation calls—Another wedding task you don’t want to forget is calling your vendors. You’ll need to confirm all of your service details and appointment times at least a week before the wedding. In fact, it’s ideal to call the week of the wedding date just to be safe. Make sure your flower and cake delivery times are correct, and don’t forget to confirm the times you have reserved for your reception space.

Final fitting—It’s unlikely you’ll forget to arrange your final dress fitting, but you’d be surprised by what you can overlook during the final stages of the wedding planning process. The final fitting is the most important dress fitting because it’s your last chance to adjust your waistline if you’ve lost or gained any inches since your last fitting appointment. Plus, you need to pick up your dress anyway. This is definitely one last-minute wedding task you don’t want to forget!  

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