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Last Minute Wedding Emergencies: How to Deal with Them

By Weddingblog2011

While most brides will spend months planning their weddings, there is no way to prevent all emergencies from happening. What do you do if it’s the day of your wedding and you decide you absolutely hate your wedding makeup or your dress rips? Here are a few tips for handling last minute wedding emergencies.

Stay Calm

Take a deep breath and remain calm. Whether it’s a missing vendor or a ripped dress, there’s a solution to the problem. Staying calm will help you find the solution more easily than if you become an emotional mess.

Keep Calm

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Get Help

Next, think about who you can get to help you deal with the emergency. Think of talented friends and family members that could come to your assistance in the situation. For instance, if you know a talented seamstress, you could ask for help mending your dress. If your hair didn’t come out well, who can you ask to fix it? Chances are, there’s someone who can help you out of the crisis.


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Prepare in Advance

Think about some of the common things that could go wrong (missing DJ, broken heel on a shoe, not enough food) and create some backup plans that can save you in times of trouble. Create a wedding reception playlist on your MP3 player just in case. Put back some emergency money in case you need to get food on short notice. Pack a bag of emergency essentials like super glue, thread and a needle, etc. so you can use it if you need it. By being prepared, you can meet any emergency head on and solve it quickly.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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Keep Calm

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