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Last Minute Holiday Gifts Under $100

By Amazinglynormal @amazinglynorm

Holiday Gifts

Last Minute Holiday Gifts Under $100

Here’s the deal. We are getting closer and closer to the end of the year and the holidays are here. Many of us haven’t gone gift shopping and sometimes, we need some inspiration! Luckily, I put a small list of gift ideas together that cost less than $100.- Gift CardsThis is number one because at the end of the day, when your ideas are dry, this is the EASIEST gift and sometimes exactly what everyone wants. If you are buying someone who’s interests are unknown, what can be a better gift than money so that they can choose for themselves. There are also many gift cards to choose from. Most stores & restaurants offer gift cards but even if that fails, pick up a visa gift card which is pretty much a debit card with a set limit.-Digital Cameras

A digital camera is a good gift to get that can be found for cheap. We don’t expect to get an SLR with a $100 budget, but for most, the simple point and shoot will do. Here are a few to get you started.

-Mp3 Players

Here are a few mp3 players that are under $100. These would be nice for kids, or people who jog or workout.

Lets also not forget about the basic entertainment items that are great last minute holiday gifts under $100.

  • DVD and Blu-ray movies
  • Video games for Xbox360, Playstation 3, and PC
  • Digital or Paper books

- Fragrances

There is a wide range of perfumes/colognes, body lotions and body wash at affordable prices. -JewelryWho wouldn’t love to receive jewelry,  its an excellent gift option for everyone. You can choose from a variety of watches, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Feel free to leave suggestions in a comment.

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