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Larry David and His Acceptance of 'Fore' in His Golf Game

By Golfforbeginners

Research shows that about twenty percent of all golfers regularly score better than ninety for eighteen holes on a regulation length golf course; on a course rated seventy-two, that score translates into an eighteen handicap. 

Enter the trials and tribulations of Larry David, who, in the current issue of The New Yorker Magazine, discusses the stages of his golf game which led from anger to denial and finally to his acceptance of the word 'fore'.


It's amazing how even the most jocular sorts turn dead serious when discussing their golf game and have even injected golf into their "schtick".

Ray Romano's character in "Men of A Certain Age" is a scratch golfer attempting to gain entrance to the Senior Tour. Larry David, ever the sad-sack golfer in "Curb Your Enthusiasm", enlightens readers in this article as to why he should probably never again play golf at Riviera Country Club.

Both comedians love the sport and both are relatively good golfers: Romano's handicap (12.6) and David's handicap (13.6) fluctuate but are within a few strokes of each other. The difference is the way each celebrity golfer approaches the game.

Romano practices regularly and has even engaged the services of Hank Haney in order to try and break eighty. On the other hand, although Larry David (with a bit of help) could perhaps one-day become a single-digit handicapper, he has chosen to accept his shortcomings maintaining, "I’ll never be good. It’s just not something I’m suited for. That’s O.K."

What irks me is how Larry David habitually belittles his ability, "golf is just a hobby I stink at", when the average guy can barely break 100!

Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry...

photo credit: Larry David on Myspace

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