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Lapid Lectures Haredim No Torah Values

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
MK Yair Lapid is sometimes a funny guy. It is almost as if he doesn't understand how the political system works. There are big parties that are, supposedly, concerned about ruling the country and setting policy on a wide range of issues and trying to be representative to large sectors of society. Then there are small parties that are sectorial or one-issue parties that try to look out for the interests of their narrow swath of constituents and get them what they want/need. But Lapid doesn't seem to get that.
Today at a Yesh Atid meeting, Lapid complained about some quiet transfer of another 500million NIS to the Haredi parties and then another 200million to the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Lapid said, "Quietly quietly, in complete secret, so that nobody will realize, the government decided to add to the Haredi parties 550 million shekels, and to the Ministry of Religious Affairs another 200 millino shekels. This is after the budgets designated for the Haredim in this government has already reached an unprecedented level."
Lapid continued saying that this would require cuts from the budgets of other issues, and he detailed what would quietly be cut.
And then he continued, "I am already not bothering to turn to PM Netanyahu for an explanation. There is no reason to. He gives in to whatever the Haredi parties want. And he will continue to give in to them. He gave in on the minimarket law, he gave in on the draft law, he gave in on the requirement to teach mathematics and English in the Haredi educational system. He gave in unconditionally... instead I will turn to the Haredi MKs. One time. One time do not be sectorial. One time say that you are representing Jewish values and not just sectorial values. Tell the public that you are not prepared that the money for avreichim should be taken from mentally disabled children. Say that not a single yeshiva student in Israel will agree to this because it is not in line with the values of the Torah world."
source: Behadrei
He's a funny guy. They are successfully looking out for their constituents. If these aren't appropriate places to cut budgets from in order to free up the money to make it available for this agreement, the government should find the money from somewhere else. Sectorial parties are naturally sectorial. These parties do a great job, at least in this current government, if getting things that their sector wants and needs. He thinks they should give that up? He thinks he is going to lecture them on what is Torah values and what is not?
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